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Oct 22, 2016   The ACSE 24th annual conference
24th ACSE Annual Conference Perspective and Opportunities of Statistics in Business in the Big Data Era

Date: Saturday, October 22, 2016
Location: Wojcik Conference Center, Harper College, 1200 West Algonquin Road, Palatine, IL 60067
Majority of critical decisions in marketing strategy, financial risk, and product quality are data-driven in today business world. Therefore, data collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation have drawn increasing attention in recent years. An overview of the application of statistics would certainly benefit professionals and students who are interested in the field. The 2016 ACSE annual conference will be a valuable platform for our audience to learn from industrial leaders the power of statistics and its application in variety of businesses. In addition, the conference would also serve as an excellent opportunity for senior leaders, professionals, students, and entrepreneurs to build strong connections.
Online registration link:
Highlights of Program:
Keynote Speeches in General Session 10:15AM - 12:30PM (Auditorium)
Perspective and Opportunities of Statistics in Drug Development
Speaker: Dr. Ivan Chan, VP, Abbvie
Application of Analytics in Marketing: How to Maximize ROI
Dr. Ankur Jain, VP, Nielsen
Big Data Innovation
Dr. William Li, President and CEO, Esgyn
Afternoon Sessions 2:00 - 5:00PM
Session 1:Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Room W201)
Moderator: Mrs. Minna Xiao, VP, ACSE
Presentation 1:
从美元基金看中美跨境技术,市场,资本对接的发展方向 Speaker: Mr. Zhao Yi ( 赵弋), General Manager of Hangzhou High Tech Investment Management Limited Incorporation/ Chief Executive Officer of Westlake Ventures LLC/Partner of Westlake Ventures Capital Holding LLC
Presentation 2: Making HTAP A Reality in Processing Big Data Workloads
Speaker: Dr. Hong Ding, Executive VP, Esgyn
Presentation 3: 杭州--新天堂硅谷
Presentation 4: The Power of Internet Plus
Speaker: Mrs. Cecilia He, Fashion entrepreneur
Session 2: Education and Career Development (Room W216/W217)
Moderator: Ms. Joyce Zhang,
Presentation 1: What US Employers Look For in Their Top Employees?
Speaker: Mrs. Alexandra Hendrickson, Director, International Program Development at Concordia University of Chicago.
Presentation 2: The Logic Behind Job Market in the US
Speaker: Mr. Bin Liu
Session 3 Living in USA (Room W202)
Living in USA
Moderator: Mrs. Joanna Wang, VP, ACSE
Presentation 1: Scientific Management of Happiness
Speaker: Dr. Joe Xu, Senior Scientist, Argonne National Lab; Linda Yu, VP, Retail Card Portfolio Analytics, Synchrony Financial
Presentation 2: Relationship between Parents and Children from Psychology View
Speaker: Dr. Dingxin Jia
Presentation 3: How to Stay Young for Your First 100 Years
Dr. Anton Rittling

August 13, 2016   科工专等专业协会与各大校友会联合主办的夏季野餐联谊会即将闪亮登场
科工专等专业协会与各大校友会联合主办的夏季野餐联谊会即将闪亮登场 科工专等专业协会与各大校友会联合主办的一年一度的夏季野餐联谊会将于2016年8月13日在芝加哥西北郊的Palatine举行。野餐联谊会已成功举办多年,每次有数百、甚至上千人参加,是芝加哥华人社区规模最大的活动之一,受到各界的一致好评。 今年的野餐会将以:“健身强体,幸福生活”为主题,展开一系列的文体娱乐活动,为大家创造丰富的娱乐,健身,和交流的时间。 届时会有精彩文艺武术表演;举行以校友会及各专业协会为单位参加的家庭趣味运动;瑜伽,太极,野外生存训练,排球,拔河等等。希望大家不要错过这个联络老朋友,结交新朋友的好机会。欢迎您、您的家人和朋友积极报名参加! 主办单位阵容强大,有旅美中国科学家工程师专业人士协会(科工专),清华大学校友会,中国科技大学校友会,复旦大学校友会,浙江大学校友会,南京大学校友会,东南大学校友会,中国人民大学校友会,南开校友会,天津大学校友会,吉林大学,上海外国语大学,华中科技大学校友会,上海交通大学校友会,华东理工校友会,上海大学校友会,北外校友会, 四川大学校友会,中央财经大学校友会,中国农大校友会,华人金融协会,美国华人教授科学家学社,芝加哥华人妇女商会,芝加哥华人文化村,芝加哥华语论坛报,西北大学学生学者联谊会,UIC学生学者联谊会,IIT学生学者联谊会,芝加哥大学学生学者联谊会,DePaul大学学生学者联谊会,芝加哥侨学网,海外中国教育基金会芝加哥分会 (OCEF)。 时间:2016年8月13日星期六,11:00am to 4:00pm 地点:Grove #1,Deer Grove East Forest Preserve, Palatine, IL. GPS 参考地址:1552 N Pepper Tree Dr, Palatine, IL 60067 收费:成人网上登记并付款$10,现场付款$15;5 到12岁儿童网上登记并付款$5,现场付款$10 ;5岁以下儿童免费。 登记付费网页: 联系人:徐向东 847-494-3647, 梁琨 773-551-0498,陈德巧 (David)847-525-9880,王健 (Joanna)847-778-9000,胡建虹(James)630-549-4398

February 20, 2016   科工专、校友会、专业社团2016猴年春节晚宴
科工专,芝加哥各大学校友会、各大学中国学生学者联谊会暨其他华人社团2月20日共同举办春节联欢晚会, 与您共庆2016新春佳节, 欢迎并期待各界人士光临。晚会有丰盛晚宴、美味红酒和精彩演出, 还有惊喜抽奖、卡拉OK、猜谜语, 让新年给每个人都带来喜庆和吉祥。


时间:6:00 PM - 10:00 PM, February 20, 2016, Saturday
地点: 富丽华餐厅(New Furama Restaurant,2828 S Wentworth Ave, Chicago, IL 60616)
收费:30元/大人, 15元/儿童(6-12岁),5岁以下免费


注册结止日期2月19日晚上11点。不注册参会者,另加5元,并不能保证座位。由于场地座位有限,先来先得,额满为止。请尽早注册付费。主办方保留额满后, 提前关闭注册网站的权力。

October 24, 2015   ACSE 23rd Annual Conference,Perspective and Applications of Innovative Technologies: Focusing on Environmental and Pharmaceutical Industries
The environmental industry segment is essential for the sustainable growth of our economy, as well as the improvement of health and living conditions. The pharmaceutical industry also plays a critical role in improving people’s life quality with better medicines and treatments. These two industries are closely connected in many ways and have substantial impact on each other. As both advance at a fast pace, they are constantly embracing innovation and new technology. What are those innovations driving industry fast forward? Where are the areas that Chinese and American enterprises or research institutions can work together? The 2015 ACSE annual conference will be a valuable platform for you to get some answers from industrial and academic experts. This conference will focus on new technologies used in drug discovery and environmental protection. Audiences will enjoy broad coverage on advanced environment and health technologies by senior researchers, and an introduction to cutting edge environmental products and health solutions by major international corporations. The conference will also become a great social networking opportunity for entrepreneurs, engineers, and researchers to promote cooperation and exchange between US and China. Professor Kimberly Gray, Chair of Civil and Environmental Engineering of Northwestern University, will give a keynote speech during the morning session. More conference program details will be coming soon.

Date: October 24, 2015, Saturday, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Location: Renaissance Convention Center, 1551 N Thoreau Dr, Schaumburg, IL 60173

Register Link:

The annual meeting is FREE to ACSE members and public. However, registration is required and lunch will be charged. Due to the size of the lunch room, lunch tickets are limited. Here is the registration site and lunch ticket price:

Regular: $30/person (must register and pay online)
Student: $20/Person (must register and pay online)
$35/person ($25/student) at the registration desk if lunch tickets were not sold out online

August 22, 2015   纪念抗日战争胜利70周年《黄河大合唱》大型音乐会


地点:Chicago Symphony Hall, 220 S Michigan Ave. Chicago, IL 60604



网上登记/付款will be closed at 11pm(CST) on 8/21 (Friday).

March 07, 2015   2015 Chinese New Year Party 羊年春节晚宴
科工专,芝加哥各大学校友会、各大学中国学生学者联谊会暨其他华人社团3月7日共同举办春节联欢晚会, 与您共庆2015新春佳节,欢迎并期待各界人士光临。晚会有丰盛晚宴、美味红酒和精彩演出, 还有惊喜抽奖、卡拉OK、猜谜语,让新年给每个人都带来喜庆和吉祥。请您接受我们的诚挚邀请参 加此次盛会。同时被邀的还有中国驻芝加哥总领事和其它社区团体领袖。这是一次难得的社交娱乐佳会。欢迎各位会员及朋友踊跃参加。

时间:6:00 - 10:30 PM, 2015年3月7日(星期六)
地点: 彩蝶轩, Cai Fine Dining & Banquet, 2100 S. Archer Ave., 2F, Chicago,IL 60616
收费:30 元/大人,15 元/儿童(6~12 岁),5 岁以下免费。


注册结止日期3月6日晚上11点。不注册参会者,另加5元,并不能保证座位。由于场地座位有限,先来先得,额满为止。请尽早注册付费。主办方保留额满后, 提前关闭注册网站的权力。

联系人: 王健 847-778-9000, 李大兴 847-756-0655, 徐向东 847-494-3647, 王涛 847-363-5990, 梁琨 773-551-0598,
             龚嘉栋 224-392-8035

春节餐会主办社团:旅美中国科学家工程师专业人士协会,北京大学校友会,清华大学校友会,复旦大学校友会,浙江大学校友会,华中科技大学校友会,天津大学校友会,南开大学校友会,南京大学校友会,中国科技大学校友会,武汉大学校友会,东南大学校友会,华东理工大学校友会,上海交通大学校友会,上海大学校友会,阳光艺术中心,华人金融学会,大芝加哥地区华人妇女商会, 美国华人教授科学家学社,风车剧社,伊利诺理工大学中国学生学者联合会,UIC中国学生学者联合会,西北大学中国学生学者联合会,芝加哥大学中国学生学者联合会,DePaul大学中国学生学者联合会, 芝加哥艺术学院学生会.

Nov 22, 2014   ACSE Entrepreneur Club 国际贸易讲座, 2:00PM to 5:30PM, 12/6/2014, Schaumburg Library
ACSE Entrepreneur Club 国际贸易讲座, 12/6/2014, Schaumburg Library

1) 李紅衛,1990年通過中國經貿部首批的外貿銷售員考試,獲得了外銷員證,以及多年從事進口和出口的經歷。
1. 現在國際貿易發展趨勢
2. 中美現況
5. 進出口國際貿易合同內容
7. 合同報價
8. 國際貨物運輸
9. 國際貨物運輸保險
10. 支付
11. 進出口商品檢驗
17. 資訊

2) Wayne Chen 在中国外运长航集团
China Interocean Transport,Inc
SINO AM Marine Co. Inc
Chicago Branch
Wayne Chen 将讲的内容:
1. 海、空运进、出口的一些常识;
2. 一些常见国际运输过程中出现的问题和疑问;
3. 近期较为时兴的电商运输环节的问题;
4. 有关国际贸易中,运输、物流环节的问题答疑。

Organization...ACSE- Association of American Chinese Science and Engineering
Location........STDL - Central Library
Room............Rasmussen South
Date(s)..........Saturday, December 06, 2014
Reservation Time......2:00 PM to 5:30 PM
Meeting Time...........2:00 PM to 5:30 PM

Register here

Oct 11, 2014   The ACSE 22nd annual conference

旅美中国科学家工程师专业人士协会(科工专,ACSE),将于10月11日在芝加哥西北郊隆重举办第22届年会。本届年会主题为?#21019;新对企业和个人职业发展 的影响?#65292;主办方将邀请学术科学界专家、企业界高管在主题主题分会发表演讲,同时还设有科研与商机、领导力和职业发展、子女教育分会。

10 月11日上午的主题会议,科工专将邀请费米国家实验室前物理学家叶恭平博士,为大家讲解当今世界在能源转换和新能源的利用上的最新科研进展。?#33437;加哥 1871创业园?#24635;裁 霍华德陶曼(Howard Tullman)将为大家介绍受到芝加哥市政府、伊州政府大力支持的?871创业园?#30456;关情况,讲解该创业园对科技创新企业的扶持与支持政策,并提供相 关资源。

年会主题会议,还将有特拉华州大学教授严玉山教授将介绍汽车能源技术上的最新科研成果及应用,Cleversafe.com总裁克瑞斯格莱雯与大家分享创业成功经验,讨论大数据储存的 发展前景。

中国电子邮件第一人,著名科学家吴为民届时将举办自传《风口浪尖的岁月》的新书签名活动,请查询 。 另有专车接送学生去会场,座位有限,先来先得,额满为止,请赶快和所在学校学生学者联谊会负责人联系!

科 工专第22届年会具体时间为:10月11日(8:30 am ?5 pm),地点为:Holiday Inn (3405 West Algonquin Road, Rolling Meadows, Illinois 60008 )。年会免费参加,但必须提前注册,年会午餐票数量有限,先购先得,售完为止。


ACSE will convene its 22nd annual conference on October 11, 2014 at Holiday Inn Rolling Meadows (3405 West Algonquin Road, Rolling Meadows, Illinois 60008, USA). Please register at to reserve your seat!
This year we have chosen "Impact of Innovation on Business and Individual Career" as our theme to highlight ACSE goal in advocating science, technology and innovation, creating opportunities for business and personal career development. This conference will provide our members a platform in learning the latest advances in selected science and technology fields, exploring ideas on future business and job market trends, and soliciting feasible and effective solutions to the existing economic downturn. We have prepare a great program for all the attendees. The morning session will feature world renowned former Fermi Lab physicist, new energy expert, Dr. GP Yeh, distinguished professor of Univeristy of Delaware, Dr. Yushan Yan, and Mr. Howard Tullman, CEO of 1871, Chicago entrepreneurial hub for digital startups, andChris Gladwin, founder and vice chairman of During lunch, Anne Shaw, the first Asian-American woman running for 1st Ward Alderman of Chicago, will share her experience on how to better serve our community. We will have three breakout sessions in the afternoon, focusing on Technology startups/Entrepreneurship, Leadership/Career development, and the Next generation education and development, respectively. As usual we will have honored guests including representatives from Chinese Consulate General's Office in Chicago, local government officials, and leaders from business and other associations. In addition, former famous Fermi scientist, first Chinese email sender, Dr. Weimin Wu will have an on-site book signing for his biography entitled: 风口浪尖的岁月(
Student attendees will enjoy discount on lunch and those from Chicago will also enjoy free bus ride to conference site ?seats are limited, FCFS, please contact your CSSA leaders as soon as possible! The conference committee is looking for volunteers to help on registration, meeting room preparation and other logistics. If you are interested, please contact us at

July 26, 2014   2014 Greater Chicago Area Summer Picnic and Social Gathering of Chinese-American Professionals and Alumni Associations - 7/26, Saturday

2)以各校友会及其它专业协会为单位参加的家庭趣味运动会。运动会包括篮球、排球、跳绳、呼啦圈、水汽球, 两人三足等十个项目。我们将提供多项奖品,比赛的优胜者和幸运者都可获奖,希望大家积极参与。
3)抽奖活动,大家可以抽到精美的奖品。 抽中大奖者可以免费在Wisconsin Dells的Christmas Mountain Village的二居室小别墅居住一周。可选择一年中任意时间段!市场价值一千五百美元!

时间:2014年7月26日星期六,11:00am to 4:00pm 地点:Grove #1,Deer Grove East Forest Preserve, Palatine, IL 60067 GPS 参考地址:1552 N Pepper Tree Dr, Palatine, IL 60067 收费:成人网上登记并付款$10,现场付款$20;5 到12岁儿童网上登记并付款$5,现场付款$10 ;5岁以下儿童免费。
主办单位阵容强大,有旅美中国科学家工程师专业人士协会(科工专),清华大学校友会,中国科技大学校友会,复旦大学校友会,浙江大学校友会,南京大学校友会,东南大学校友会,中国人民大学校友会,南开大学校友会,天津大学校友会,华中科技大学校友会,上海交通大学校友会,华东理工校友会,上海大学校友会,华人金融协会,美国华人教授科学家学社,芝加哥华人妇女商会,芝加哥华人文化村,芝加哥华语论坛报,西北大学学生学者联谊会,UIC学生学者联谊会,IIT学生学者联谊会,芝加哥大学学生学者联谊会,DePaul大学学生学者联谊会,芝加哥侨学网,海外中国教育基金会芝加哥分会 (OCEF)

科工专:王涛 847-363-5990,李大兴 847-756-0655,倪陈平 630-362-1505, 韩光 443-844-195
中科大:师振宇 312-898-0124, 李若昕 312-659-6999
复旦:佘立闻 (847-366-4892)
南大: 陈亮 650-796-0486,马雨生 847-878-4015
东南大学: 曹国祥 414-446-344
中国人民大学: 赵兢 312-380-9288
南开: 朱永芳 773-977-9848, 何振宇630-669-8492
天大: 刘桂如 312-218-0301, 任雪梅 847-306-9558
华中科大:赵新 248-982-1072,刘汉武630-234-1904
上海大学: 伍爱萍 630-758-1721
妇女商会:陈琳630-696-5829,于洪月 630-251-5359;
芝加哥华人文化村:郭进 847-858-1117
芝加哥大学学生学者联谊会:王蕾 773-329-7240;
西北大学学生学者联谊会:薄振宇 765-413-4185
UIC学生学者联谊会:郭玉珍 773-818-6885

2014 Greater Chicago Area Summer Picnic and Social Gathering of Chinese-American Professionals and Alumni Associations
You, your families and your friends are cordially invited to 2014 Greater Chicago Area Summer Picnic and Social Gathering of Chinese-American Professional and Alumni Associations
In the last 6 years, the picnic has attracted close to one thousand people to attend every year. We are looking forward to another big crowd at this largest summer gathering in Greater Chicago Chinese community. In addition to delicious Chinese food/BBQ, excellent entertainments, this year event features the following activities:
1. Award-winning young singers from the Chicago singing competition, talented dancers from SunnyU, professional singers from Chicago Chinese-American Performing Arts Group, Chinese Kong-fu show, etc.
2. Sports competition among alumni associations and professional organizations. We will have 10 sport items including basketball, volleyball, Frisbee, water-balloon, hula-hoop, three-leg jumping, etc. The best team and individual athletes will be awarded.
3. Lottery. You can win nice awards.
4. We offer delicious food, such as picnic BBQ, Chinese food, soft drinks and fruits.
5. The picnic site is surrounded with green trees and beautiful lawn. Each participating organization will be provided with a tent to shade them from the sun.
6. The sponsors are provided with booths to introduce their products and services.

Hurry up to register for this picnic and mark your calendar for a fun day! Please see the following information and stay tuned for future update!
Time: 11:00AM to 4:00PM, Saturday, July 26, 2014
Location: Grove #1 and Grove #2, Deer Grove East Forest Preserve, Palatine, IL 60067
GPS Reference Location: 1552 N Pepper Tree Dr, Palatine, IL 60067
Fees: Adult: $10 if prepaid online, $20 on-site, $5/children between 5 and 12 if prepaid online, $10 on-site, free with children under 5.
Registration and pre-payment website:

Organizing Parties:
Association of Chinese-American Scientists and Engineers(ACSE)
Alumni Associations of
Southeast University
Fudan University
Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Nanjing University
Nankai University
Renmin University of China
Shanghai University
Shanghai Jiaotong University
Tianjin University
Tsinghua University
Zhejiang University
University of Science and Technology of China
The Chinese Finance Association
Society of Chinese American Professors & Scientists
Greater Chicago Chinese American Women Chamber of Commerce
Cultural and Career Club
Chicago China News & Digest
Chinese Students and Scholars Association of Northwestern University
Chinese Students and Scholars Association of University of Illinois at Chicago
Chinese Students and Scholars Association of Illinois Institute of Technology
Chinese Students and Scholars Association of DePaul University
Chinese Students and Scholars Association of University of Chicago
Overseas China Education Foundation (
Chicago Chinese-American Culture Club

Febrary 8, 2014   2014 Chinese New Year Party 马年春节晚宴
注册结止日期2月7日晚上11点。注册参会者非网上付款者每人另加5元。 不注册参会者,另加10元,并不能保证座位。由于场地座位有限,先来先得,额满为止。请尽早注册付费。主办方保留额满后, 提前关闭注册的网站

旅美中国科学家工程师专业人士协会,北京大学校友会,清华大学校友会,华中科技大学校友会,天津大学校友会,南开大学校友会,复旦大学校友会,浙江大学校友会,南京大学校友会,中国科技大学校友会,武汉大学校友会,东南大学校友会,华东理工大学校友会,上海交通大学校友会,上海大学校友会,华人金融学会,大芝加哥地区华人妇女商会, 美国华人教授科学家学社,伊利诺理工大学中国学生学者联合会,UIC中国学生学者联合会,西北大学中国学生学者联合会,芝加哥大学中国学生学者联合会,DePaul大学中国学生学者联合会

联系人: 李大兴:847-756-0655,徐向东: 847-494-3647,王健: 847-778-9000,王涛:847-363-5990,倪陈平: 630-362-1505,韩光:443-844-1957

My friends,

Mark your calendar, do your registration, our 2014 Chinese New Year Dinner Party is coming!

We cordially invite you, your family and friends to join us to celebrate the Year of Horse.
In addition to delicious Chinese cuisine, we will offer you musical performance from local talents, raffle and other fun activities!

This traditional event has been always well received in the past, so dont miss out on this wonderful opportunity to network with your friends!!

Time: 6:00 - 10:30 PM, Saturday, Feb. 8, 2014 Location: Cai Fine Dining & Banquet,2100 S. Archer Ave., 2F,Chicago,IL 60616 Fees: $30/adult, $15/child 6-12, 5 and under free On-line registration:

Registration deadline: 11:00pm, February 7, 2014. Extra $5 will be charged for these registered online but not paid online. Extra $10 will be charged on those without registration, and they will be allowed in only if extra seats are available. Because of limited seats, you are encouraged to register and make on-line payment as soon as possible. The organizers reserve the rights to close the registration site before the registration deadline if the maximum capacity of the restaurant is reached.

ACSE together with Alumni Associations (Tsinghua University, Peking University,Huazhong University of Science and Technology,East China University of Science and Technology, Tianjin University, Fudan University, Nanjing University, University of Science and Technology of China, Nankai University,Shanghai University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Southeast University, etc.), The Chinese Finance Association, Society of Chinese American Professors & Scientists, Greater Chicago Chinese American Women Chamber of Commerce, Cultural and Career Club, and Chinese Students and Scholars Associations (Northwestern University, University of Illinois at Chicago, Illinois Institute of Technology, DePaul University, University of Chicago are co-hosting 2014 Chinese New Year Dinner Party!

Contacts: David Li847-756-0655,Xiangdong Xu: 847-494-3647,Joanna Wang: 847-778-9000,Tony Wang:847-363-5990,Chenping Ni: 630-362-1505,Guang Han:443-844-1957

December 7, 2013   Tianjin Binhai Hi-tech Industrial Development Area Promotion Event & BeiQi Promotion Event
Tianjin Binhai Hi-tech Industrial Development Area Promotion Event Date/Time: 11:00am to 1:30pm December 7, 2013, Saturday Location: Yu Mandarin Restaurant 200 E Golf Rd Schaumburg, IL 60173 (847) 882-5340 Tianjin Binhai Hi-tech Industrial Development Area is one of the best and hottest in China nowadays ?see introduction in Chinese below. Registration is REQUIRED to attend this event. Please fill up your background and project information at the registration site, and let us know if you want to join the lunch. BeiQi Promotion Event Date/Time: 2:00pm to 4:30pm December 7, 2013, Saturday Location: Chicago Marriott OHare 8535 W Higgins Rd, Chicago, IL 60631 (866)576-5456 Beijing Automotive Group Co, Ltd. (BAIC Group) is interested in hiring for various levels of management and engineering positions. Underneath is the introduction of BAIC Group and job openings. Light snacks and coffee will be provided at the event.

October 12, 2013   科工专21届年会(ACSE’s 21st Annual Meeting)
科工专将于10月12日上午8点半到下午5点举办第21届年会,此届年会的主题是“创新创业,合作共赢”。地址:Holiday Inn, 3405 West Algonquin Road,?Rolling Meadows, Illinois 60008。

The 21st ACSE annual conference entitled “Global Engagement – Path for Innovation and Integration” will be held at Holiday Inn,?3405 West Algonquin Road,?Rolling Meadows, Illinois 60008?from 8:30am to 5:00pm on October 12, 2013. Governor Pat Quinn was invited and has put this event in his calendar. Several other public officers and Chinese Consulate General of Chicago were also invited. We have several distinguished speakers in the morning session:

1) Andrea Hunt, Vice President, Baxter. As an executive of a well-known and respected Fortune 200 company, she will talk about how global engagement helped her company with innovation and integration. Why entrepreneurship sprits are important and helped big corporations like Baxter. ??
2) Ping Ni, CEO of Wanxiang America--万向(美国)公司. He’s going to talk about how Wanxiang became a global company and how globalization helped his company’s innovation and integration across the globe.
3) Kristin Barratt, Vice President of Chicago 1871 Digital Programs. These programs were strongly supported by Chicago Mayor Emanuel and Governor Quinn as one of the major initiatives to make Chicago the future “Midwest Silicon Valley”. She will talk about how these programs help entrepreneurship and technology innovation in Chicagoland and other Midwest areas.
4) Jeffery Webber, Entrepreneur, Investor, and Venture Capitalist. He will talk about how entrepreneurship helped him successful in the business world.

We will also have three breakout sessions in the afternoon.

1) Technology Innovation and Venture
  • Mini Seminar: Personalized Medicine
  • By Dr. Wanqing Liu, Assistant Professor, Purdue University, School of Pharmacy
  • Panel Discussion: Entrepreneurship
  • A group of entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs-to-be will share their ideas and projects with each other and the audience. ?There will be live demos and showcases of some innovative products to our audience.

    2) The Water Industry - Expended

    Topic: "The Water Industry... Expanded"?? Water and wastewater technologies play critical roles in multiple industries, with multiple applications. So,?interestingly, the water industry is more than just municipal drinking water and wastewater treatment plans.???This panel discussion of industry leaders will explore the critical role that water, and more importantly - water/wastewater technologies play in the energy, agriculture, urban planning, and manufacturing sectors.

    John Robinson (panel moderator)
    Michael Hoadly: Food- Water- Energy Nexus
    Tim Filley: Water - Agriculture Nexus
    Pete Mulvaney: Water - Urban Planning Nexus???
    Mary Gade: Water - Manufacturing Nexus
    Ujjval Vias: Water - Urban Planning Nexus

    3) Child Education and Beyond

    Do you want to know the secrets how these kids went to Ivy League schools including Harvard, MIT, Yale, and others? Do you want to hear the parents talking about their successful stories in training these kids? Do you want to be face-to-face with these parents and ask your personal questions so that your children can be successful as well? Then this session is for you!

    The annual meeting is FREE to ACSE members and public. However, registration is required and lunch will be charged. Due to the size of the lunch room, lunch tickets are limited. We will follow FCFS (First come first serve) rule until tickets were sold out. Here is the registration site and lunch price:

    Regular: $25/person (must register and pay online)
    Student: $15/Person (must register and pay online)
    $35/person ($25/student) at the registration desk if lunch tickets were not sold out online

    Please do not miss this great opportunity to learn and network with leaders and your fellows by registering this event and buying lunch tickets NOW!

    September 7, 2013   云南省政府赴美高层次人才招聘会
    云南省政府赴美高层次人才招聘会定于9月7日在芝加哥IIT举行, 欢迎各界人士积极参会。

    招聘会 时间:9月7日(星期六)上午11点-下午1点
    招聘会 地点:Illinois Institute of Technology
    McCormick Tribune Campus Center, Auditorium room
    3201 S. State Street
    Chicago, IL 60616

    午宴地点:名轩 (Minghin Cuisine)
    2168 Archer Ave., Chicago (Tel: 312-808-1999)

    梅新艺 312-532-4542
    王健 847-778-9000
    倪陈平 630-362-1505


    由云南省政府、科工专、IIT中国学生学者联合会共同主办的云南省政府赴美高层次人才招聘会定于9月7日(星期六)上午11点-下午1点在芝加哥IIT (Illinois Institute of Technology)McCormick Tribune Campus Center Auditorium 举行。招聘会结束后,部分与会人员将被邀请到芝加哥中国城名轩餐馆(二楼)参加午宴。如有兴趣,请尽快到科工专网站注册( )。由于预定餐位有限,网上注册并准时参加招聘会的人员将被优先考虑. 额满为止.
    云南省此次在芝加哥举办的招聘及项目洽谈会,云南各部门有十几位省厅领导在场,将提供500多个岗位,阵容庞大, 希望引进生物产业、医药、新材料、环保技术、机电一体化等各个不同领域的海外高层次人才到云南的高校、科研院所、国有企业、医疗机构、创业园、孵化器服务,欢迎各种人才进行项目洽谈,云南将根据人才的具体需求给予政策、资金支持,帮助人才在云南创业.

    由于场地座位有限,先来先得,额满为止。请尽早注册。主办方保留额满后, 提前关闭注册的网站的权利。

    July 27, 2013   2013年大芝加哥地区“强健体魄,快乐家园”华人专业社团及校友会野餐联谊会及家庭趣味运动会

    1. 上海马戏团亲临现场表演。上海马戏团在芝加哥的海军码头已经连续驻演八年,好评如潮。演员们精彩的技艺、超高难度的动作无数次地打动和震撼了慕名而来的中外观众们。我们这次有幸请到了上海马戏团来到野餐会现场,大家可以近距离观赏精彩的马戏表演,并且和演员们交流互动。
    2. 以各校友会及其它专业协会为单位参加的家庭趣味运动会。运动会包括篮球、排球、飞盘、跳绳、呼啦圈、水汽球,?两人三足等十个项目。我们将评选出集体总分第一名,个人总分第一名,以及个人项目的单项第一名并给予奖励。
    3. 抽奖活动,大家可以抽到精美的奖品。
    4. 提供精美的食品,野餐烧烤和美味中餐,饮料瓜果,让大家吃得有滋有味、回味有余。
    5. 野餐联谊会现场林木葱郁,绿草茵茵,有凉棚遮阳挡雨。各主办单位有自己的帐篷,朋友相聚,休闲聊天。
    6. 各赞助商将设置摊位介绍产品和服务。

    时间:2013年7月27日星期六,10:30am to 4:30pm
    地点:Grove #1,Deer Grove East Forest Preserve, Palatine, IL 60067
    GPS参考地址:1552 N Pepper Tree Dr, Palatine, IL 60067

    主办单位阵容强大,有旅美中国科学家工程师专业人士协会(科工专),北京大学校友会,东南大学校友会,复旦大学校友会,华东理工校友会,华中科技大学校友会,南京大学校友会,南开大学校友会,上海大学校友会,上海交通大学校友会,天津大学校友会,清华大学校友会,浙江大学校友会,中国科技大学校友会,中国人民大学校友会,华人金融协会,美国华人教授科学家学社,妇女商会,文化与职业俱乐部,芝加哥华语论坛报,西北大学学生学者联谊会,UIC学生学者联谊会,IIT学生学者联谊会,芝加哥大学学生学者联谊会,DePaul大学学生学者联谊会,芝加哥侨学网, 海外中国教育基金会芝加哥分会?(OCEF)

    科工专 倪陈平630-362-1505,王涛?847-363-5990,韩光443-844-1957;
    北大 张新亚312-316-0981,姜晓莉630-479-6545;
    东南大学 曹国祥414-446-3449
    复旦 徐向东?847-494-3647, Liwen She?(847-366-4892).?
    华中科大 刘汉武630-234-1904;???
    南大 陈亮?650-796-0486,马雨生?847-878-4015;
    南开 朱永芳?773-977-9848,?何振宇630-669-8492;
    上海交大?Shirley Huang?312- 479-4838;
    天大 刘桂如?312-218-0301?,任雪梅?847-306-9558;
    清华 龚嘉栋224-392-8035;
    浙大 蔡文君630-712-9898;
    ?? 中科大 丁省强?773-387-3473,?李若昕?312-659-6999;
    中国人民大学 赵兢,312-380-9288;?
    金融协会 章光佳?630-696-0806;
    妇女商会 于洪月?630-251-5359;
    文化与职业俱乐部 张昭312-810-5888;
    芝加哥华语论坛报 张大卫630-739-2838;
    芝加哥侨学网 郑立民312-731-6759(
    海外中国教育基金会芝加哥分会?(OCEF)??林霖,?847-417-2548 ???(

    注册结止日期7月25日晚上11点。 不注册参会者,另加10元,请尽早注册付费。主办方保留提前关闭注册的网站的权利。

    June 2, 2013   2013 Chinese Culture Lecture文化中国名家讲坛
    芝城的中国文化爱好者这次有福气了!近年来走遍世界、名驰海外的“文化中国名家讲坛”首度来到芝加哥,将于6月2日(星期日)下午1时至5时在芝加哥西郊橡树溪假日饭店(Holiday Inn at Oakbrook Terrace,17W350 22nd Street, Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181) 举办。这一期“文化中国名家讲坛”阵容尤其强大,两位主讲名家是在中国知名度很高的湖南学者型作家:一为著名长篇历史小说《曾国藩》作者唐浩明先生、一为曾精心打造红遍大江南北的长篇历史题材电视剧《走向共和》和《雍正王朝》的郑佳明教授。




    本期“文化中国名家讲坛” 由中国国务院侨办委托湖南省外事侨务办承办。湖南省人民对外友好协会副会长刘启峰任代表团团长,省外事侨务办公室张洁我处长同行。在芝加哥举办的名家讲坛,由旅美中国科学家工程师专业人士协会、美国中西部湖南同乡会、北京大学校友会和芝加哥文化村共襄盛举。协办社团有大芝加哥地区华人华侨联合会、美华学社、希林中心、希林西北中文学校、希林北郊教育中心、风华中文学校、瑞华中文学校、阳光文化教育中心、东方艺术团、芝加哥华人艺术团、?黄河艺术团、美国中西部湖南工商会等。



    肖小林 (847) 736-7523
    郭 进(847)858-1117
    王柏青 (224) 805-7127

    注册结止日期6月1日晚上11点。 不注册参会者,另加10元,并不能保证座位。由于场地座位有限,先来先得,额满为止。请尽早注册付费。主办方保留额满后, 提前关闭注册的网站。

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