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The Association of Chinese American Scientists and Engineers-USA (ACSE)

The Association of Chinese-American Scientists and Engineers (ACSE) ( is one of the largest Chinese-American professional organizations in the United States of America. Founded in 1992, ACSE is an independent, non-political, not-for-profit professional organization headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois with fifteen regional chapters. ACSE has fourteen professional societies, including Telecommunications, Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, Pharmaceutics, Mechanical Engineering, Management Business and Administration, Futures, Options and Finance, Medical Sciences, Computer Sciences, Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Environment, Bio-technology, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Law and the newly formed Entrepreneurship. The organization has more than 6500 registered members distributed in over 30 statesover 90 percent of which has a Ph.D. degree or Master degree.

ACSE Vision
Be cooperative, developmental, and contributive. To build a strong Chinese American professional community

ACSE Mission
To promote friendship and fellowship among the members and the Chinese community.
To promote the exchange of professional information and experience to help member's career development, growth, and success.
To promote exchange and cooperation between the United States and China in the areas of science, technology, culture, education and business.
To facilitate members to play a more active role in American society.

Abiding by its principle of Cooperation, Development and Contribution, ACSE has organized many major events in the United States of America and China to build platforms and bridges facilitating the exchange between US and China, and between members and non-members in the areas of sciences, technology, culture, economics, and business. These events include conferences, annual conventions, job fairs, business promotion events, and seminars on education and career development as well as culture differences between USA and China, etc. These events served ACSE members and the communities well. Many prominent leaders in industry, academy, business, and government were invited to these events. For example, former US Defense Secretary, then Senator Mr. William Cohen, the first US ambassador to China Mr. Leonard Woodcock, former Chinese ambassador to USA Mr. Daoyu Li, deputy Secretary of Chinese Department of Science and Technology Mr. Jinpei Cheng, Nobel Prize Winner of University of Chicago Professor Merton Miller; Former CME Group Chairman Mr. Leo Melamed, US Congressman Danny Davis, former Chinese Consul General in Chicago Mr. Ping Huang and many other outstanding leaders in their fields have been invited to deliver the keynote speeches at ACSE conferences and seminars. The Illinois Governor has recognized and applauded ACSE's services to the communities and effort to promote US-China cooperation and economic development. Former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley said in his greeting letter to ACSE: "the ACSE has promoted mutually beneficial scientific, economic and culture exchange between the United States and China... Chicago is the proud beneficiary of a strong community from China that has played a significant role in the history of our city and continues to make important contributions to the collective good of all citizens."


This year is ACSE's 20th anniversary. ACSE has grown out of her infant stage and becomes stronger. With the ever growing Chinese-American community in the United States of America and ever increasing economic ties between China and USA, ACSE will play an even more important role as a community leader and strong advocator in promoting the cooperation between US and China, and in building a strong Chinese-American community to contribute to the mainstream value and society development.

ACSE Introduction at the 20th Annual Conference (PDF File).

Chinese version (Word Doc).


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